29 Maggio 2020
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We constantly pursue the aim of improving our product and fashioning our image for a competitive market. At the same time we are always renewing our daily commitment to improve the security of our workforce, to protect social values and to fully respect environmental laws.
With the aim of minimizing environmental impact we carry out incessant research investing heavily to find the latest technological improvements.
In accordance with the commitments declared and assumed on the basis of the Code of Ethics, the tannery Conceria 800 S.p.A. has adopted an organization, management and control model as prescribed by legislative decree 231/2001.
The Model consists of a general section and individual special sections which are established specifically for the different types of offenses and unlawful conduct that are to be prevented.
Any violation or suspected violation of Model 231 and/or any other information relating to the implementation of the Model may be reported to the supervisory body of Conceria 800 S.p.A.
Such information may be sent as hard copies to the following address:
Conceria 800 S.p.A., Organismo di Vigilanza, via del Fontino, 6/8, 56029 Santa Croce sull’Arno (PI).
Conceria 800 S.p.A. has always strived to ensure that strict principles are applied and observed within the scope of its business activities, and has been an example of correctness, reliability and professionalism.
This Code of Ethics has been defined with the aim of formalizing the fundamental values which inspire Conceria 800 SpA, and spreading the principles and standards of conduct which form the basis of the group's business activities.

Codice Etico

Conceria 800 was born in the 70’s in Ponte a Egola, for the production of vegetable leather. From that time production process have not change, we have just move the tannery to Santa Croce sull’Arno. Our specific type of tanning is called “concia in fossa” (pit tanning), system used since ancient times. The perfume emanating from the skins is due to the special process of tanning and the fattening with animal and vegetable fats.

Codice Etico

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